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Secure your IT and cloud by adopting Zero Trust principles

Zero Trust is the new guiding principle in cloud architecture.

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Why should you be interested in Zero Trust?

  • Most cloud breaches are the result of misplaced trust, as manifested in misconfigurations.

  • Zero Trust is a comprehensive design philosophy, not an endless patching battle.

  • We trust people, we just don’t trust whoever is impersonating them.

  • Because a regulation says you should.

  • Another certification :-)

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About me

My name is Peter van Eijk, and I am a secure cloud adoption instructor since 2011.
Over those years I have also contributed to CCSK, CCAK, CCZT and more. Use the form below to get in touch with me, or find me on LinkedIN.

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Want to know more?

Let’s have a conversation.The Cloud Security Alliance runs the CCZT program. Want to buy the self-paced CCZT courseware? Click here (affiliate link).You can book training with me. An introduction session is planned for March 28, 2024, 16:00 Amsterdam/Paris time, 10am New York time. The next session is planned April 25. Want to know about that session, an in-person course or event (live or online)? Care for a link to a webinar recording? Drop me a message through the form below, include enough detail. Or find me on LinkedIN.

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